The Havens Local Offer

The Havens Local Offer

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How will the schools prepare and support my child for the future?

The schools gather information about your child before they join us

There are opportunities to make visits to your child’s new setting

There are transition sessions for the children before they attend their new school

Professionals may meet to discuss how best to support your child in the transition process

Transition between year groups within your child’s school is carefully planned. They will have the opportunity to meet their new class and teacher. When your child transfers form primary to secondary school they will engage in the transition programme planned for all children. There will also be additional opportunities for your child to prepare for their new school. This may include additional visits, communication between key staff and some opportunities for summer school.  Key staff from new schools are invited to any annual reviews. Children who transfer mid-year are supported and previous school contacted for guidance.


Some of our older children look back on what worked for them; - do listen to our video clips!